Insurance for Big Old Property

GMA writes Big Old Property!

Green Mountain Agency writes all kinds of property, on a package basis, with most all of our markets. We even have markets to write really nice, new, updated & sprinklered property, monoline! And those programs have low minimum premiums starting around $500.00!

But did you know we also write Big Old Property? That's right! You know the type property! It is in nearly every small town downtown in the northeast! In fact, the picture, above, is our own downtown with big old property! 

  • Habitational
  • LRO
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Monoline
  • Package for Premises driven Classifications

GMA writes the type of property you will find on Main Street or even just off Main Street! If it doesn't fit the underwriting for your in-house markets, give us a try! We want to help you write business!


  • Connecticut
  • Maine
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Vermont 

Minimum Premium

This program has a $5,000.00 minimum premium for monoline or package. This does not mean that our other property markets have this minimum premium. Just this program! And if your submission fits into one of our other programs we will provide a quote with that market!

Complete Submission Required

  • Application
  • Current Carrier Info
  • Loss History
  • Premium History

Email submissions to


Insurance for Contractors

Contracting Risks

GMA loves writing contracting risks Big or Small!

We write both GC’s and small artisan contractors like carpentry, tile and flooring, siding, landscaping, etc.

While we like new construction we really like renovation work!

States Available


Quick Points and Interesting Options:

  • Subwork cap is $3 Mil, both insured and uninsured, no uninsured in NY or NJ
    • Uninsured Subs, if included, will be added to the premium basis in most cases
  • No Contractual Limitation form may be required
    • Optional limitation may be available for a credit
  • New Residential Construction limitation which includes up to 12 units of new residential construction in the same development
  • Three story exterior height limitation
    • roofing above 3 stories is fine (just not the exterior side work)
    • May write over three stories with approval from carrier
  • Roofing - No hot tar or torch down roofing, usually, but you may submit for review.
  • Demolition risks are a submit for review

NY Action - Over coverage

Available, but only for excellent risks! Complete submission required!



Insurance for Artisan Contractors

GMA writes insurance for the artisan contractor!

Artisan contractors are the small contractors that usually perform a particular type of work, such as a painter, plumber or electrician. These contractors may work on their own or as sub-contractors on some jobs. We have several markets that write this type of business with varied underwriting appetites.

States Available: CT, NH, NJ, NY, MA, PA, RI, and VT

Application or Supplement Required: Various

Online Rating: not all programs

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