As of 04/09/2018 Green Mountain Agency is continuing with all regular business operations - remotely!

On 03/25/2020 effective 5:00 pm, the Governor of Vermont issued an order requiring all in-person business, with certain exceptions, to close down due to the spreading of COVID-19 in Vermont. Insurance is one of those exceptions, but the in-person aspect of the operation must be shutdown. GMA, as a wholesale operation, is not an in-person business so we will be operating without too many changes. We are, of course, following the CDC guidelines to avoid the spread of the virus in our office.

While we are allowed to be open, we all have the capabilities to work from home, and most of us are doing so. Whether we are working from home or working from our office you will see no change in how we do business. With the exception of the possibility of minor delays, as we get used to these changes, you will receive the same excellent service we are dedicated to providing you.

At the moment, none of GMA's staff are positive with COVID-19, and hope to remain healthy.


We wish everyone a safe and healthy next few weeks.

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