GMA writes Commercial Auto Coverages!

We want to provide you the very best service so you can take care of your insured fast and easy! We offer a broad selection of submission options to make sure that you make your insured happy! Whether you prefer fax, email or online submission we can handle it for you!

Online Rating Portal

For Commercial Auto Liability risks you can access the NICO Get-A-Quote rating portal to obtain an indication or quote for your insured!

This rating portal starts with the ZIP Code of the Insured and goes from there. This will work for most of the types of commercial auto liability risks that we can write. If it is difficult or needs underwriter attention, the system will tell you right away!

For the most accurate quotation submit the complete application and loss information. GMA still accepts the ACORD or competitor's applications!

Submission Methods

Website Upload - Use our Application Upload Form to upload large applications, pictures, loss runs, etc!

Email or Fax - Email to or fax to 802-775-5590

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